2012 Prom Dress Trends

If your prom is in 2012 and you want to choose a fashionable prom dress, it is beneficial to be aware of what trends are influencing prom dress design. Many are a reflection of the current fashion trends and also the looks on the red carpet. This article

Six fashionable prom dress trends for 2012:


Lace has been very popular in the fashion world of late, so it is no surprise that many prom dress designers have picked up on this too. You will find styles that are completely covered in lace and styles that just feature it in sections.

Asymmetric looks

Asymmetry is still very fashionable in the evening wear arena. There are lots of one shoulder prom gowns popping up. Many look good with pulled back hairstyles and dangly earrings, which are also a popular trend at the moment. Alternatively try paring a one shoulder dress with messy hair pulled to the opposite side.

Body conscious cuts

The stereotypical prom dress used to be a design that fitted at the waist and then had a very full skirt. However, with all the body conscious cuts been worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian body con dresses have been hitting the stores in record numbers. Consequently the body hugging trend has filtered over into the prom dress arena. If you like to show off your silhouette there are lots of prom dress styles that hug curves this year.

Strapless designs

Strapless designs are just as popular as ever. They dominate the neckline styles on offer, with sweetheart strapless gowns being predominate. If however a strapless gown doesn’t suit you there are also some styles with strap and even a few styles with long sleeves featuring this year.

Illusion netting styles

Illusion netting was originally used in dance and theatre costumes to make dresses practical, yet give the look of bare areas of skin. Mainstream fashion lines have recently been using illusion style netting and stretch tulle as design features. Many prom lines are using it to create that ethereal look by applying beads and sequins to an illusion netting base and then leaving sections of the dress with illusion netting only. If you are confident there are styles that only use beading and sequins to strategically cover the necessary areas.


If you like something a little bit different, designs with feathers may be up your alley. One of the most popular looks is an hourglass shaped gown with feathers on the skirt from just above the knee down. This can give a floaty look to the gown. You will also find styles with feathers on the bodice, or shorter skirt style dresses made entirely of feathers. Stars like Mary J Blige and Evan Rachel wood wore unique looking dresses to the Golden Globes this year. 

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